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Whether it’s high energy dance songs for your special wedding day or earthy, compelling ballads at your corporate event, Turnbuckle always gets the audience on their feet for a light-hearted, good time. 

    Turnbuckle is a full band from Heflin, Alabama created by Chad Robertson and John Howle, and both guys are singers and musicians who have entertained audiences for over 30 years. Opening up for such acts as Josh Turner, Aaron Tippen, Miranda Lambert and the late Little Jimmy Dickens and even performing at the famed Bluebird in Nashville, Tennessee, the musical influences for the band Turnbuckle have come from all genres and iconic performers.

   John started his music as a child playing banjo in local bluegrass bands. Chad had similar beginnings strumming the guitar along with his Dad in various local venues. Years of influences ranging from bluegrass and blues to rock, grunge, and country have molded Turnbuckle into a truly versatile band capable of authentically performing any genre of music that guests request. Performing through high school, college, and professional life, John and Chad have morphed their musical influences into an organic, innovative sound that appeals to all audiences regardless of their musical tastes. Whether you want to dance to a slow, modern love song or a high energy funk and blues number, Turnbuckle has you covered.

What Inspires Us


Turnbuckle Band members have always been inspired by the audience. When booking our band, throw out every notion you’ve ever heard about bands that perform weddings. We bring an intense, high energy performance to every venue, and it’s not long until even the shy guests will be out on the dance floor helping you celebrate your special day. The band members have a positive chemistry, and we are prepared to perform any song your guests would love to hear whether the song first came out 30 years ago or three months ago. Inspiration comes from within, but it also comes from the clients we serve. Our objective is to add everything musically to your special day so it is a memorable, joyous event. We spend hours each week honing our skills and learning new material. We get inspiration from researching countless musical genres searching for that “perfect” song couples would love to hear. From time to time, there will be a song or two requested that we don’t know. In that event, we are prepared to use our system to play canned music when specials are desired.

Our Influences


     Playing top-rated music, our band performs weddings and corporate events across Alabama and Georgia. Our musical influences first came from our parents who instilled a love of music in us at a young age. As we grew older, we listened to artists ranging from Elvis Presley to Ed Sheeran; from George Strait to Drivin’ & Cryin’; from Led Zepplin to Lynard Skynard; from Ray Charles and the Rolling Stones to Stevie Ray Vaughn and Chris Stapleton. It has been a true pleasure and our driving passion to perform the best music possible for any venue and group of people ready to be entertained and have a good time.

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